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Xavier University of Louisiana is a small urban university situated in the heart of New Orleans. Located on a pleasant uptown campus, it is minutes from the central business district, recreational facilities, other universities and professional schools. Founded by St. Katherine Drexel, Xavier is the only American university operated under Catholic auspices, which has a predominately African-American student body. The College of Pharmacy, established in 1927, is dedicated to bringing minority youth into the profession of pharmacy. Xavier has produced 25% of the African- American pharmacists in the nation. At present Xavier leads all other pharmacy schools in the enrollment of African- American students. Academically promising young people, are encouraged to attend Xavier to study pharmacy. The College has an outstanding faculty, educated at major universities, and dedicated to giving personalized attention to students through small classes and individual contact. Xavier’s College of Pharmacy maintains a high academic standard and instills ideals of professionalism and ethical conduct. Recreation – students swim in an Olympic-sized swimming pool and canoe in scenic city bayous. Opera and theater students participate in New Orleans productions. Basketball dominates Xavier’s sports program, with teams achieving national ratings and participating in European competition. Living accommodations are available for students who wish campus housing. Priority is given to non-local undergraduates. There are residence halls available for both men and women students. New students requesting housing should apply through the Office of Admissions. Re-admitted and currently enrolled students who wish campus housing should contact the Office of Residential Life.


The Doctor of Pharmacy degree is granted after pursuing college level work for six years (a two-year pre-pharmacy curriculum and a four-year professional program) and completing 201 semester hours of work with a 2.0 average. The pharmacy curriculum is designed to create pharmacists who are scientifically trained and clinically competent to deliver the full spectrum of pharmaceutical services required in the modern health care society. To achieve these goals, the curriculum provides: (
1) Instruction in the physical, chemical, biological, behavioral sciences, and management, and in the humanities; (
2) A clinical component designed to develop graduates skilled in monitoring and evaluating drug therapy, providing drug information, and relating effectively to patients and other health professionals; (
3) Motivation to increase competency after graduation through continuing education; and (
4) An opportunity to engage in meaningful scientific research in preparation for further study in pharmaceutical and clinical sciences.

PHARMCAS | Application Deadline

No Dec 15




  • 2004 State Resident: 14800 Non-Resident: 14800 Fees Mandatory: 1400 Optional: 6800
  • 2005 State Resident: 16000 Non-Resident: 16000 Fees Mandatory: 925 Optional: 0
  • 2006 State Resident: 17200 Non-Resident: 17200 Fees Mandatory: 1040 Optional: 0
  • 2007 State Resident: 18400 Non-Resident: 18400 Fees Mandatory: 450 Optional: 350


The two-year pre-pharmacy curriculum offered in the College of Arts and Sciences consists of the following semester hour courses: Sem. hrs
Required Courses Units
Philosophy/theology 6
Social science 3
Health ethics 3
Elective 3
English 6
Mathematics 8
Speech 3
Economics 3
Chemistry 16
Physics 3
Biology 11

Upon completion of this curriculum, the student should have earned 65 semester hours of credit and have attained a minimal cumulative grade-point average of 2.5. Courses presented by transfer students should be equivalent to those offered at Xavier. Only courses with a grade of C or better will be accepted for transfer credit.

  • Accreditation Status
  • Full

Admitted Student Profile


  • Average: 3.27
  • Range: 19-40
  • Admitted-Ratio: 4.5:1


Xavier University College of Pharmacy
1 Drexel Drive
New Orleans, LA 70125

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