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The Touro University: California College of Pharmacy program is a four-year Doctor of Pharmacy program located on historic Mare Island on San Francisco Bay, one hour by car and 40 minutes by ferry from San Francisco.

  • Touro University’s Pharm.D. program is unique among others nationwide. The national paradigm for pharmacy programs is 3 years of didactic instruction and 1 year clinical component.
  • The Touro program offers two years of didactic instruction and an experiential component that is two years in length.
  • The College of Pharmacy program prepares students for a clinically-oriented, contemporary pharmacy practice.
  • This goal is ensured by providing students with a rigorous didactic and experiential curriculum in which students receive individualized attention through small classes and sufficient numbers of highly qualified faculty who are accessible and available to meet with students who require additional personal assistance.
  • The program emphasizes expanded clinical experiences, the extensive use of technology and teamwork with other students.
  • The Touro College of Pharmacy serves society through its programs on pharmacy education, through scholarship, and through service. The College will strive to prepare students to be competent, caring, and ethical professionals dedicated to the provision of pharmaceutical care and a member of the health care team.


The four-year curriculum has two major components: didactic and experiential.

  • The didactic curriculum (first two years) has a semi-block or modularized structure where students study in concentrated, specific topic areas for one to three months.
  • Students working in teams develop communication and organizational skills, an evidence-based approach to clinical decision making and critical thought processes as they expand and integrate their knowledge of human biology, disease and medications.
  • Using laptop computers, the Internet and computer-based resources, students will find technology an integral part of the educational program. The experiential component of the curriculum is also two years in length.
  • The 11 six-week clerkship rotations are designed to create a more clinically mature graduate who is more fully prepared to enter pharmacy practice or pursue post-graduate pharmacy residencies, fellowships or graduate work.
  • During clerkships, students will work with pharmacists and other health professionals in community pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and other settings. Seven required clerkships include community pharmacy (2 rotations), hospital pharmacy (1 rotation), internal medicine (2 rotations), and ambulatory care (2 rotations).
  • Students will also complete four elective rotations; for example, pediatrics, infectious disease, neurology/psychiatry, HIV, oncology, medical informatics, research and others. During the final two years, there are three six-week open periods when students are not scheduled for rotations.

PHARMCAS | Application Deadline

Yes March 01




  • 2007 State Resident: 30300 Non-Resident: 30300 Fees Mandatory: 215 Optional: 0


It is strongly recommended that candidates for the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree program obtain a Bachelor’s Degree prior to the start of classes. Under special circumstances, candidates with more than 60 college units may be accepted to the program without completing their Bachelor’s degree, provided they meet all other program prerequisites. Information regarding acceptance without a Bachelor’s degree may be found on our website. Candidates planning to apply to the program may wish to establish a formal relationship with the Office of Admissions in the year prior to application to the program. Candidates must hold either U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status at the time of application. A minimum cumulative and science GPA of 2.5 is required. All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Prerequisite courses include: Sem. Units
Prerequisite courses include: Sem. Units
Inorganic Chemistry with lab 8
Organic Chemistry with lab1 8
Human Anatomy/Physiology with lab 4
Microbiology with lab 4
Calculus 3

1(4 semester units of Biochemistry may be substituted for the second semester of Organic Chemistry).

Work experience in pharmacy, either paid or volunteer, is strongly encouraged. Additional prerequisite coursework is required for applicants who have not obtained a Bachelor’s Degree.

These courses are listed on our website.

The College of Pharmacy does not require applicants to take a standardized entrance examination. Candidates may, if they wish, submit a PCAT or GRE score to supplement their applications.

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Admitted Student Profile


  • Average: 3.11
  • Range: 21-42
  • Admitted-Ratio: 10.8:1


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