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The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is one of 12 colleges and schools that comprise Florida A & M University.

  • The University is located in Tallahassee, Florida’s capital. Of the University’s approximately 12,000 students, over 800 future pharmacists and graduate students are matriculating in the College of Pharmacy’s degree programs.
  • Currently, students are enrolled in the entry-level Pharm.D., post-B.S. Pharm.D., M.S. in pharmaceutical sciences, Ph.D. in the pharmaceutical sciences, and the Master in Public Health. The College is housed in the Dyson Pharmacy Building which houses spacious classrooms, a large lecture hall, an instructional materials resource center, teaching laboratories, a learning resource center, numerous research laboratories and an array of scientific equipment.
  • The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing the best academic training possible while continually exposing the students to the latest in the practical and theoretical aspects of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • The University provides eight permanent residence halls. The residence halls are equipped with reception rooms, recreational and laundry facilities. Students residing in campus housing generally participate in the student meal plan. Students desiring on-campus housing must submit a room and board contract with a deposit to the Director of Housing each academic year prior to the semester for which an assignment is requested.


The pharmacy program provides students with exposure to and involvement in educational and cultural activities to prepare them for the professional and administrative aspects of general practice, institutional practice, and advanced studies leading to research in industry or government service.

  • The program is designed to accommodate students of widely varying pharmaceutical interests and backgrounds. The College subscribes to a six academic year program divided into three phases-Phase A, the basic education component; Phase B, preclinical instruction, including the biomedical, pharmaceutical and sociobehavioral sciences; and Phase C, the clinical component during the last two semesters of the program.
  • The School identifies its students according to the phase of the curriculum in which each is enrolled. Phase A represents a motivational component of the curriculum for the new student; Phase C, a refining practicum for the new professional.
  • Students are required to relocate to one of our branch campuses for the completion of their sixth (last) year, which is the clerkship phase of the program. We currently have branch campuses in Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa.
  • The relocation is assigned and the student must relocate at his/her expense. The supervised externship program is also an integral part of the clinical component of the professional curriculum. This program allows students to observe and participate in the practical application of the materials learned during their didactic coursework.

PHARMCAS | Application Deadline

No Feb 01




  • 2004 State Resident: 2852 Non-Resident: 14949 Fees Mandatory: 300 Optional: 0
  • 2005 State Resident: NR Non-Resident: NR Fees Mandatory: NR Optional: NR
  • 2006 State Resident: NR Non-Resident: NR Fees Mandatory: NR Optional: NR
  • 2007 State Resident: 3656 Non-Resident: 17962 Fees Mandatory: 308 Optional: 0


Students still in high school may apply at the beginning of their senior year through June 30 for admission to the fall semester following graduation. Twenty-one units of high school work in the following areas are required: English, biological sciences, chemistry, physics, typing, mathematics, foreign language, and social studies/history/civics. Students applying for upper level standing are required to file a formal application for admission. In addition, applicants must submit transcripts of all prior college work completed. Students interested in applying for upper level standing should request admission information at least one year prior to the expected date of entry.
Prerequisite courses are
  • general chemistry w/lab, 1 yr
  • freshmen composition, 1 yr
  • precalculus and calculus, 1 yr
  • organic chemistry w/lab, 1 yr
  • college physics w/lab, 1 yr. (1 yr. biology for science majors, 8 semesters)
  • zoology and botany w/lab, 1yr
  • U.S. history, 3 sem. hrs.
  • social science, 6 sem. hrs
  • and humanities, 6 sem. hrs

Students must spend a minimum of eight semesters as a full-time pharmacy student at Florida AandM. A minimum 12- hour course load including required pharmacy courses as outlined in our curriculum must be taken each semester. Students may be admitted and given upper level standing (maximum of two 2) years of preprofessional academic credit toward completion of the degree). The transfer application deadline is February 1.

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6 year pharmacy school that accept the majority of students directly from high school


1415 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
New Pharmacy Building Rm 333
Tallahassee, FL 32307

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