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Butler University is a co-educational, privately supported institution of higher learning founded in 1855. Its scenic 300-acre campus is located in a residential area approximately five miles from the heart of Indianapolis. Excellent cultural, recreational and shopping facilities are readily available as are churches, public and parochial schools and museums. The building which houses the College of Pharmacy is located on the campus. The laboratories, classrooms and research facilities are of modern design. The entire building with its extensive equipment is devoted exclusively to the education of students in pharmacy and health sciences. Butler University is genuinely concerned about the overall quality of life of its students.

  • Through the Office of Student Affairs and under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Butler provides a wide range of programs, activities and support services which are designed to meet the curricular and extra-curricular needs of its students. The various student services include career planning and placement, counseling, student health, student activities and the Atherton Student Center,
  • University Safety, Greek affairs, residential life, food service, intramural sports, campus-wide recreation, international student advisement and judicial affairs.


With a strong foundation in the liberal arts and basic sciences, students develop the essential knowledge and skills to provide the highest quality pharmaceutical care for their patients.

  • Curricular emphasis is focused on the pharmacists’ role in disease state management. A combination of traditional lecture, structured laboratories, and cooperative and case-based learning is used to create a student-centered learning environment.
  • Structured experiential programs in the 6th year guide the student to professional expertise in a variety of practice settings.
  • Students entering the professional phase of the program will participate in a computer-enriched curricular experience. To support this initiative, notebook computers will be provided to all first pre-professional year students.
  • The complete Pharm.D. curriculum contains 210 semester hours, 170 of which are didactic coursework and 40 hours of which are experiential credit representing 1600 hours of pharmacy- related practice experience.

PHARMCAS | Application Deadline

Yes – February 01




  • 2004 State Resident: 23780 Non-Resident: 23780 Fees Mandatory: 234 Optional: 0
  • 2005 State Resident: 25400 Non-Resident: 25400 Fees Mandatory: 547 Optional: 0
  • 2006 State Resident: 26670 Non-Resident: 26670 Fees Mandatory: 1604 Optional: 0
  • 2007 State Resident: 28140 Non-Resident: 28140 Fees Mandatory: 1686 Optional: 0


Students apply to the University by on-line application or written application to the Office of Admission. A non-refundable $35 application fee must accompany the written application. In order to be considered for the pre-professional phase, applications must be completed by December 1. The high school submits official transcripts which include class rank, cumulative GPA and test scores to the Office of Admission, Butler University, 4600 Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46208. Prospective pharmacy students should complete the college preparatory course in high school, which should include at least three years of mathematics, four years of English and three years of a lab science, e.g., biology, chemistry, and physics, two years of social sciences and two years of a foreign language. Additional units of biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics are recommended. Butler requires 66 semester hours of college be completed prior to matriculation: Sem. hours
Required Courses Units
Freshman Writing Seminar 3
General Chemistry 10
Organic Chemistry 10
Introductory Cell Biology (animal cells) 3
Human Anatomy 3
Pathogenic Microbiology 3
Calculus and Analytical Geometry I 5
Human Physiology 4
Social Science course (e.g. Psychology*) 3
Public Speaking 2
Fine Arts course (e.g. Art History) 3
Humanities Colloquium* 3
Lifetime Fitness and Activity 2
Change and Tradition* 6
Humanities course (e.g. Philosophy*) 3
Ethical Issues in Healthcare 3

*Please contact the Office of Admissions for course equivalencies When applying to the pre-professional phase, transfer students may be credited with not more than two prepharmacy years of study for academic credit completed at other colleges and universities. The amount of credit transferred will depend upon individual case review. Students apply to the University by on-line application or written application to the Office of Admission. A non-refundable $35 application fee must accompany the written application. In order to be considered for the pre-professional phase, applications must be completed by December 1. Transfer students applying to the professional phase (third year) of the pharmacy program must submit results of the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) as well as official transcripts to an on-line application service, http://www.pharmcas.org/. Students who complete all of their prepharmacy coursework at Butler University are eligible for direct admission into the professional curriculum on the basis of their grade point average in selected prepharmacy courses. Butler offers advanced placement, with appropriate academic credit, in all subjects covered by either of the two College Entrance Examination Board programs: the Advanced Placement examinations and the College Level In-state Examination Program tests. Scores required for credit have been established by the appropriate department heads.

  • Accreditation Status
  • Full

Admitted Student Profile


  • Average: 3.59
  • Range: NA
  • Admitted-Ratio: 7.1:1


College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Butler University
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

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