Top 50 Genetics Blogs

Much has been written about genetics, especially online. There are a variety of blogs that deal with genetics, writing about biotechnology, evolution, pharmaceuticals, health, and more. Here we’ll take a look at 50 of the best blogs that deal with these topics and more.


These blogs cover anything and everything genetics.

  1. MayoClinic Genetics Blog: Genetic counselor Carrie Zabel shares her knowledge on genetics through this blog.
  2. Science blog + Genetics: This blogs offers insight and regular news updates in the field of genetics.
  3. Gene Expression: Discussions on the Gene Expression blog include culture, religion, anthropology, and biology.
  4. Mary Meets Dolly: Mary Meets Dolly offers a Catholic’s guide to genetics, genetic engineering, and biotechnology.
  5. The Genetic Genealogist: This blog explores the intersection of genealogical techniques and modern genetic research.
  6. Eye on DNA: Eye on DNA writes about anything and everything DNA, and how it relates to you.
  7. Genetic Future: Read this blog to learn how genes affect your future and the future of society.
  8. Information on Genes: This blog features answers to questions on genes, genetics, and genomics from experts.


If you’re interested in how genetics can affect and be used in health, check out these blogs.

  1. Genetics and Health: Grace Ibay’s blog is all about your genes and your life.
  2. The Decision Tree: This blogger writes about predictive medicine and the future of healthcare.
  3. MassGenomics: MassGenomics is all about medical genomics in the post-genome era.
  4. DNA And You: Matt Mealiffe, M.D. discusses the intersection of genetics and your health.
  5. PredictER: PredictER shares news and research about predictive health.

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

These blogs deal with bioinformatics and biotechnology.

  1. Think Gene: ThinkGene is a bio blog about genetics, genomics, and biotechnology.
  2. Snowdeal: On this blog, you’ll find discussions of bioinformatics in the 21st century.
  3. Omics! Omics!: Get an understanding of new technologies and publications on genomics and proteomics and their impact on drug discovery from this blog.
  4. My Biotech Life: This blogger offers his take on biotechnology.
  5. Aminopop: Aminopop writes about what’s fun in biotech.


Understand some genetic disorders by checking out the writings of these bloggers.

  1. Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Genetics Blog: This blog writes about genetics as they relate to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
  2. Cancer Genetics: Check out this blog to learn about a personalized approach to human cancer genetics.


These blogs discuss genetics as it relates to evolution.

  1. John Hawks Weblog: John Hawks writes this blog about paleoanthropology, genetics, and evolution.
  2. Genomics, Evolution, and Pseudoscience: Steven Salzberg’s blog discusses topics in pseudoscience and beyond.
  3. Yann Klimentidis’ Weblog: Yann writes about evolution, genetics, human diversity, and more.


These genetics blogs are written by professors and students of genetics.

  1. ScienceRoll: ScienceRoll features a medical student studying genetics and medicine through web 2.0.
  2. Genome Boy: This blogger is an assistant professor at the Duke University Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy.
  3. Genomics Policy: Genomics Policy from the University of Glamorgan offers insight on genomic-based medicine.
  4. Genomicron: Check out this blog to learn about genomic diversity and evolution from an evolutionary biologist at the University of Guelph in Canada.
  5. Sex, Genes, and Evolution: This blogger is a molecular evolutionary biologist and biology professor at the University of Iowa.
  6. On Genetics: Steve Mount, a geneticist at the University of Maryland, writes about genetics, genomics, and gene expression.

Personal Genetics

Learn more about the field of personal genetics from these blogs.

  1. The Genetizen: The Genetizen is written by experts to inform you about important issues in genetics.
  2. deCODEyou: On this blog you’ll learn about the latest in health, genetics, and genetic testing.
  3. The Gene Sherpa: The Gene Sherpa discusses how personalized medicine relates to you.
  4. Let’s Get Personal: This blog discusses science, policy, and ethics in personalized medicine.
  5. The Personal Genome: This blog explores genetics as a medical tool and lifestyle choice.


These blogs explore genetically modified food.

  1. Tomorrow’s Table: Tomorrow’s Table shares topics related to genetics, food, and farming.
  2. Biofortified: Biofortified is a group blog about plant genetics and genetic engineering.
  3. GMObelus: GMObelus delivers peer-reviewed news in the field of agricultural biotechnology.
  4. GMO Pundit: David Tribe writes this blog to encourage Australian primary producers to understand GMO.
  5. The Fruit Blog: Check out this blog for a discussion of fruit and fruit breeding.
  6. Genetic Maize: Genetic Maize navigates the maze of GMOs.
  7. GMO Africa: Here you’ll find news and more on the benefits of genetically modified food in Africa.


Stay on top of the latest news in genetics through these blogs.

  1. Genetics in the News: The Oregon Genetics Program features updates on new developments in genetics.
  2. GenomeAlberta: This blog shares research and news in genomics.
  3. Epigenetics News: Epigenetics News is an independent news source for scientific discoveries in epigenetics.
  4. The Daily Scan: This blog from GenomeWeb points out what’s worth reading on the web.
  5. The OpenHelix Blog: OpenHelix is all about genomics resources, news, and research designed to keep researchers abreast of new genomics data.
  6. Flags and Lollipops: This blog is about news in bioinformatics, genomics, and science on the web.
  7. The Biotech Weblog: Here you’ll find news about gene therapy, stem cells, and more.
  8. The Navigator: This blog from Navigenics shares new insights about genetics and your health.
  9. DNA Policy: Check out this blog to find out the latest news on genetics public policy.

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