100 Fabulous iPhone Apps for Your Health and Fitness

For many people, the iPhone and iPod Touch mean holding the world in your pocket. But did you ever consider that you can use your device to become healthier? It’s true, there are many apps out there that can make you leaner, fitter, all all around better. Check out this collection to find 100 of the best apps that do just that.

Tests & Tracking

Figure out where you are in your health by using these apps.

  1. MyNetDiary: This web-based diet and exercise program is available on your iPhone, so you can remember your workouts and diet.
  2. iPhodometer: If you don’t have Nike + iPod, you can use this alternative to track your calories burned on your walk or run.
  3. Trixie Tracker: Track your baby’s sleeping and feeding habits with this iPhone app.
  4. TheCarrot: Track your life, including your health, fitness, and nutrition using TheCarrot.
  5. Lose It!: Using this app, you can set goals and establish a daily calorie budget to lose weight.
  6. Weightbot: With this weight tracking robot, you can set goals, track your progress, and more.
  7. Pet Phone: Don’t forget about your pet’s health-track their needs using this app.
  8. Health Cubby: Set simple, realistic goals, and track your progress to achieve them in this social fitness app.
  9. LIVESTRONG.com Calorie Tracker: This tracker will help you keep a digital diary of your daily calories on your iPhone.
  10. FertilityFriend: Get a free menstrual calendar to track your cycle using this calendar.
  11. SugarTracker: Stay on top of your sugar consumption by using this tracker for diabetics.
  12. BP Buddy: This blood pressure helper makes it easy for you to track your blood pressure levels.
  13. BodyBook: BodyBook is an exercise and fitness log app.
  14. SparkPeople: Using SparkPeople, you can create a diet and fitness plan on your iPhone.
  15. Mindful: This fitness tool will allow you to track your food intake.
  16. RunKeeper Free: Use this GPS app to track your running progress.
  17. Vision: Vision will not only test your eyes, it will protect them as well.
  18. iPregnant: Use this iPhone app to calculate your baby’s astrological sign, days remaining, and more.
  19. iPhit Fitness Tracking: Use this app to combine your Nike + iPod sensor with your iPhone and keep track of your walking and running.
  20. Glucose Buddy: Glucose Buddy will help you stay on top of your diabetes.
  21. FitReach: This program makes it easy for your to track your diet, training, and weight goals in your iPhone.
  22. Wellness4one: Use this app to evaluate yourself, build fitness programs, and more.
  23. The Bike Computer: This GPS tracking application will make it easy to track your progress on your bike.
  24. Weightbot: Use this iPhone app to track your weight loss.
  25. Limeade: With Limeade, you’ll be able to develop personalized fitness goals on your iPhone.
  26. Ovulation Calendar: Keep track of your fertility using this iPhone app.
  27. Gyminee: Stay on top of your workouts, nutrition, and more using Gyminee.
  28. WeightDate: Keep an eye on fluctuations in your weight over time with the help of this application.


These calculators will help you crunch the numbers on your health.

  1. Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator: This calculator will help you figure out your level of inebriation.
  2. Calories Burned Calculator: Using this calculator for the iPhone, you can find out how many calories you’re burning in your workout.
  3. PointsCalc: Calculate the calories, fat, and more of your food using this calculator.
  4. BMR Calculator: Figure out your base metabolic rate using this iPhone calculator app.
  5. Heart Rate Calculator: This calculator will help you figure out your target heart rate.
  6. The Wheel: This gestational age calculator will help you determine your baby’s due date.
  7. iPhone Calculator: This app will help you calculate your calories and find out how much exercise you need to burn them.
  8. 2Fat: Using this simple application, you can calculate your body mass index.
  9. Daily Calorie Calculator: With this app, you can estimate how many calories you should intake each day.
  10. iPoint Calculator: Weight Watchers users can track points using this calculator app.
  11. BMI Calculator: Use this calculator to figure out your approximate Body Mass Index.


Be more active by using these iPhone apps.

  1. Health and Fitness Mobile: Health and Fitness Magazine’s iPhone app has workout videos, apps, and more.
  2. iWorkout Lite: iWorkout Lite is full of useful advice for gym-goers.
  3. CityRUNNR: Use this iPhone tool to track your runs and watch your progress.
  4. GymFu: Do fitness training with your iPhone using GymFu.
  5. iPump: Get a free workout from this app that targets all of the major muscle groups in the body.
  6. Progio Mobile: Progio Mobile will make it easy for you to take your training program on the go.
  7. Steps: Use your iPhone as a pedometer using this app.
  8. SpeedoMeter: Use this tool to find out your speed when walking or running.
  9. Pump10: With Pump10, you’ll be able to use lots of different workout videos to get fit.
  10. iFitness: iFitness offers a comprehensive exercise database with pictures and instructions.
  11. Nike Training Club: Use this app to get a personalized training program on your iPhone.
  12. iMapMy: iMapMy will track your data for running, cycling, and more.
  13. iTrailMap: Find ski and snowboard trail maps using this iPhone app.
  14. Trailguru: Trailguru will help you find trails in the great outdoors.
  15. FitSync: FitSync makes it easy to get training, logs, and a community of users.
  16. MoboVivo: This app will allow you to download fitness videos to your iPhone.


These apps will help you make smart eating decisions.

  1. iPhone Diet: This nutrition monitoring app will help you keep track of your diet and health.
  2. Food Network: The Food Network app will give you access to healthy recipes and videos.
  3. Fast Food Calorie Counter: With this handy guide, you can look up nutritional information for 49 top fast food restaurants.
  4. Sensei for Weight Loss: This app will create a weight loss plan for you.
  5. Food Information Database: This app will make it easy for you to keep nutritional information on restaurants handy when you’re going out to eat.
  6. Dietician: Dietician will plan meals for you with recipes and more.
  7. One Trip Shopping List: You’ll be able to keep your shopping list on you at all times with this app.
  8. LVN to RN 8h2o: With the help of this app, you’ll be able to keep track of how many glasses of water you drink.
  9. iPhone Nutrition: iPhone Nutrition allows you to find nutritional information on any food from your iPhone.
  10. 101 Cookbooks: Find lots of great healthy recipes to cook on this app.


Use these apps to figure out what’s going on with your body (or if you’re a nurse or doctor, use them at the office).

  1. Symptom Navigator: Use the Symptom Navigator to figure out what you’re suffering from.
  2. iEyeExam: With this app, you can give yourself a quick eye exam.
  3. Medicomatic: Learn about illnesses and analyze your symptoms using this iPhone app.
  4. Lab Tests: This app will help you determine whether or not your lab tests are normal.


These apps will help promote your general wellness and health.

  1. Yogi Says: In this app, the Amrit Yoga Institution offers a new inspirational quote each time you refresh.
  2. Massage Me: Massage Me uses the iPhone’s vibration to give you a relaxing message.
  3. White Noise: Use this app to generate white noise that can block out distractions.
  4. iPosture Companion Free: This application is an instructional aid that will help you improve your posture.
  5. aSleep: Use aSleep to set your iPhone to music you can sleep to.
  6. Pain Free: This app offers exercises that can help alleviate aches and pains.
  7. Quitter: Quitter is an app that will help you work to quit smoking.
  8. Mind Wave: Use Mind Wave to set your brain into a certain state of mind.
  9. Binaural Beats: This app for the iPhone will help you concentrate with binaural beats, background noise, and ambient noise.
  10. Custom Hypnosis: This application will allow you to hypnotize yourself using your iPhone.
  11. iLove Birds Lite: Get the sounds of birds and more from this iPhone app.
  12. Prêt-à-Yoga: Prêt-à-Yoga offers a personal yoga guru on your iPhone.
  13. Brain Hack: Use this app to hack your brain into specific states of mind.
  14. Meditation Timer: Use this timer on your iPhone to time your meditations.
  15. Custom Sounds of Nature: Use ambient sounds to relax using this app.
  16. Brush Timer: This free timer will help you remember to brush your teeth for long enough.
  17. Bob’s Sheep Counter: Relax or count yourself to sleep with these sheep.
  18. Zen Timer: This timer will help you time your meditations.


Learn more about medications from these applications.

  1. iRx: Put this app on your iPhone to have a handy reference from the FDA on pharmaceuticals.
  2. Medicinal Herbs: Get access to a database of medicinal herbs from this iPhone app.
  3. iPharmacy: Use iPharmacy to look into side effects, interactions, and more for drugs.


Keep medical information handy on your iPhone by using these apps.

  1. Netter’s Anatomy: Use Netter’s Anatomy to keep a variety of different medical images on your iPhone.
  2. Chondriac: Chondriac will make it easy for you to learn about health and medical information on your iPhone.
  3. Natural Cures: This app shares information about natural and prescription therapies.
  4. Bio Dictionary: Use this dictionary to look up health issues and medical terms.
  5. Pocket First Aid Guide: Treat a variety of first aid injuries using this iPhone app guide.
  6. Eponyms: Get a better understanding of medical terminology from this iPhone app.
  7. iFirstAid Lite: Get an emergency first aid assistant using this iPhone app.
  8. WebMD Mobile: WebMD’s app is like a portable nurse practitioner, and will make it easy for you to look up medical information when you need it.
  9. My Life Record: Use My Life Record to keep all of your important medical information on hand in your iPhone.


In case of emergency, be sure to have these apps on your iPhone.

  1. 911 Help: Turn on this application to draw attention for help using your iPhone.
  2. iPhone Emergency Card: This card for your iPhone will help you store health and contact information in case of emergency.

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