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With so much attention being focused on the current state of health care, many people are now beginning to look deeper into how and why the system isn’t working so well. An important element of affecting positive change and ensuring that those in charge are being fair and equitable is to keep an eye on the ethics of the profession. From bioethics to law and medicine to pharmaceutical ethics, the following blogs will help you stay on top of the medical ethics in this tumultuous health care era.


With discussions ranging from euthanasia to conflicts of interest to stem cell research, the following blogs all present important news and opinions on the topic of bioethics.

  1. Written by the editors of American Bioethics Journal, this blog includes information the editors receive and share with readers.
  2. Women’s Bioethics Project. Written by both scholars and public policy makers, the issues in this blog cover medical ethics, current research, and more.
  3. Sufficient Scruples. This blog focuses on "healthcare-related issues from a moral perspective," with a focus on both theoretical and practical issues.
  4. Lost in Translation. Learn about bioethics as it pertains to cutting edge medical interventions in early phase clinical trials.
  5. Medical Futility. Examine medical futility in his blog, which offers topics on physician/patient conflict, euthanasia, end-of-life care, and more.
  6. Adventures in Ethics and Science. This ethics blog looks at science and the humanities and often includes medical topics such as medical research and mammograms.
  7. Bioethics Discussion Blog. Find posts about the ethics associated with medicine, medical care, and science in this blog written by Dr. Maurice Bernstein.
  8. Philosophy and Bioethics. Read about conflicts of interest, genetics, and more at this blog that focuses on the relationship between philosophy and bioethics.
  9. Medical Humanities Blog. Written by a Ph.D. candidate in Medical Humanities, this blog focuses on both the definition of medical humanities as well as important issues such as embryos, vaccinations, and disability.
  10. Research Ethics Blog. This thought-provoking blog examines the ethics of human-based research with articles touching on subjects such as autism, genetic research, and clinical trials.
  11. Brainethics. With both news reports and the latest research posted on this blog, the intent is to keep abreast of research as it pertains to the brain and the ethics behind it.
  12. LifeEthics. This group aims to uphold human dignity, protect human rights in medicine, and prevent discrimination–and their blog is an extension of the group’s work.
  13. Ethics Illustrated. A project of Bioethics International, this blog posts articles and information with the goal of educating and empowering those in the medical industry to make decisions that will help people around the world.
  14. Biopolitical Times. This blog takes a look at biopolitical ethics with a strong emphasis on genetics, reproductive health, and biotechnologies.

Medicine and the Law

An important factor shaping the medical profession and the ethics therein lies within the laws that surround the field. Stay on top of current legal issues in the medical field with these blogs.

  1. Neuroethics and Law Blog. Death with dignity, placebos, and pain are some of the topics covered in this blog that focuses on the ethics of the law and the brain.
  2. HealthLawBlog. Read about health law and policy at this blog, written by a professor of ethics, law, and medicine at three different schools.
  3. HealthLawProf Blog. From drug labeling to plastics used in baby bottles, read posts on this blog that focuses on the issues where medicine and the law intersect.
  4. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Law Blog. Conflict of interest, unlicensed health care, and telephone consultations across state lines are just a few of the topics in this blog.
  5. Drug and Device Law. Pharmaceutical and medical device liability are the subject of this blog written by two practicing attorneys.
  6. FDA Law Blog. From a law firm specializing in drug development, advertising, and health care law as it pertains to the FDA, this blog includes information on their topics of expertise.
  7. Juvan’s Health Law Update. This lawyer writes about health care as a business venture and how it impacts the law.
  8. Journal of Health Law & Policy. Read about current health laws and policies at this blog from Saint Louis University School of Law that invites reader participation.

International Medical Ethics Blogs

As the world grows more connected, medicine cannot be isolated to ethics in just one country. The following bioethics blogs offer an international perspective.

  1. Medical Ethics blog. This blog at the Toronto Star, written by a long-time ethics journalist, gives a Canadian perspective on North American medical ethics.
  2. Journal of Medical Ethics blog. From the esteemed Journal of Medical Ethics, this international blog discusses medical ethics topics ranging from genetics to bioethics and more.
  3. Maguire Center Ethics Blog: Medical ethics Archives. From organ donation to physicians and placebos, the medical ethics section of this blog touches on many current issues in the field of medicine.
  4. PharmaExec Blog. Global pharmaceutical matters are the subject of the posts at this blog.
  5. Medical Humanities. With a strong British influence, this blog discusses bioethics, technology, and also offers literature and performance reviews that pertain to the subject.
  6. Scientific Misconduct Blog. This blogger from the UK does an excellent job of staying on top of worldwide blunders, especially as they relate to the pharmaceutical industry.
  7. Global Bioethics Blog. Read about issues concerning bioethics and research ethics in sub-Saharan Africa with topics ranging from AIDS to health and human rights.

The State of Health Care

From rants to suggestions on change, the following blogs enlighten and educate the reader on the current state of health care and what we can do to make positive changes.

  1. The Health Advocate. A collaborative blog that includes professors, students, and alumni of The Health Advocacy Program at Sarah Lawrence, this blog examines the issues surrounding patient advocacy and the current state of health care in America.
  2. The Health Care Blog. This blog will keep you updated on the current state of health care with news stories, stories from real people, and editorials.
  3. Health Care Renewal. Read about the state of health care and threats to the current system stemming from abuse of power at this blog that also includes a heavy emphasis on conflicts of interest.
  4. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma. The posts in this blog examine the issues surrounding conflict of interest and how it affects medical care, especially as it pertains to the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. Health Care Organizational Ethics. Harvard professor, Jim Sabin, writes about the state of health care, with topics such as personal responsibility, pharmaceuticals, and hospital ethics.
  6. Wachter’s World. Bob Wachter blogs about hospitalists, hospitals, and their quality and safety.
  7. EMedConcepts. Dr. Steven J. Davidson blogs about hospital-based medicine and growing leadership in the field.
  8. California Medicine Man. Dr. John S. Ford shares his experience and wisdom in his blog that touches on policy, medicine, patients, and more.
  9. Dr. Thompson’s Blog. This practicing pediatrician and professor of pediatrics writes about the state of health care with a focus on children and family issues.
  10. The Physician Executive. Read about the business of medicine as well as current medical policy issues in this blog.
  11. Health Care for All. This blog takes a look at the current state of health care with a decidedly strong emphasis for finding solutions for a broken health care system.
  12. Disruptive Women in Health Care. With a specific perspective of women in medicine, men are not excluded in this blog that focuses on making positive changes in the current health care system.


The pharmaceutical industry has been under close scrutiny of late and these blogs work to keep readers informed on the latest developments and ethical perspectives coming from this section of the medical field.

  1. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma. Examine the ethics of the relationship between medicine and the pharmaceutical industry in this blog by Dr. Howard Brody.
  2. Pharmalot. Written by journalist Ed Silverman, who has covered the pharmaceutical industry for over 12 years, this blog brings the latest news on the pharmaceutical front.
  3. Prescription Access Litigation. PAL works to reduce the pricing of prescription drugs through both education and class-action litigation. This blog is where they share news that relates to prescription drug and ease (or difficulty) of access to the American people.
  4. Pharm Aid. Presenting the latest news in pharmaceuticals, this blog also offers some editorial detail on the industry with an eye to keeping things fair.
  5. Drugwonks. This blog is an extension of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, which researches the latest drug policies with the goal of making medicine more attainable for all.
  6. Eye on FDA. Written by Mark Senak, this blog offers news and information on pharma legislation, marketing, and more.
  7. Drug Channels. Read this blog to find out the latest news on pharmaceuticals, how they get to where they are going, and how this journey affects the consumers.
  8. PharmaComa. Find out what is happening in the world of counterfeit pharmaceuticals with this blog, written by an employee of an pharmaceutical company who works as an anti-counterfeiter.
  9. Drug Injury Watch. Devoted to keeping an eye on the pharmaceutical industry through drug injury, this blog not only offers news and information, but also has a great listing of resources to help keep consumers safe.

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