50 Best Video Games for Senior Health

Video games are not just for kids anymore. With all the news stories touting the benefits of video games for maintaining both mental and physical fitness, the word has gotten out that they are also fun. Whether you would like to try games especially for sharpening mental focus, improving eye-hand coordination, or keeping your body in motion, you will find fun and interesting games that may be just what the doctor ordered.

Brain Games

Medical experts know that games can keep your brain from atrophying. Try some of these video games to keep your synapses firing.

  1. Brain Age. Available on Nintendo DS, this game is excellent for sharpening the brain in seniors, according to a study done by a competing software company.
  2. Sharp Brains Brain Teasers and Games. These games are especially meant to help exercise and sharpen your mind. If you work your way through these 50, there is a link for even more.
  3. Freedom Years Games. These games will help sharpen your brain and include jigsaw puzzles, memory game, Sudoku, and more.
  4. Crossword puzzles. While not technically a video game, working crossword puzzles online is a sure-fire way to sharpen your mental skills.
  5. Games for the Brain. With popular brain games like Mastermind, chess, and Sudoku, you are sure to find plenty of games to keep you entertained while working your brain.
  6. Brain Bashers. With 5 new games added each week, you are sure to stay stocked up with lots of video game fun to sharpen your mental acuity here.
  7. Puzzability Sampler. The puzzles here include both interactive and non-interactive versions of word games like Hangman, Acrostic, and Slider.
  8. Thinks.com Jigsaw Puzzles. Work these jigsaw puzzles online and you won’t ever have to worry about finding a place to spread out the pieces in your home–plus it’s a great workout for your mind.
  9. Truantduck.com Chinese Checkers. Play this classic game against the droid and practice your strategy skills. Be sure to take the tutorial under help if you need a refresher or want to practice moving the stones on the computer before playing.
  10. Simon Says. Practice your memory skills by playing Simon Says online. It’s amazingly similar to the real thing.

Wii Games

Wii fitness games are quickly becoming a favorite among seniors as they can participate in sports they used to enjoy but with much less impact to their bodies.

  1. Wii Golf. For seniors who may have had to quit playing the real thing like this man, Wii Golf is an excellent way to still enjoy the game.
  2. Wii Bowling. Virtual bowling tournaments have been gaining popularity in senior centers around the country and seems to be the most popular of the Wii games for the senior set.
  3. Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour 09. The latest version of this popular golf game will provide plenty of fun for golfers of any age and any ability.
  4. Link’s Crossbow Training. Buy the Wii Zapper and you get Link’s Crossbow Training, which is a popular shooting game among the senior set as well as fans of The Legend of Zelda.
  5. Mario Kart Wii. This popular game isn’t just for kids anymore. Race go-karts or motorbikes around one of 16 tracks or participate in plenty of diversions like slowing down your opponent or playing in a battle arena.
  6. Tennis. Except for a tired arm, seniors are discovering that they can play tennis again without straining their bodies. The excitement of the game is evident with seniors flocking to this game.
  7. Boxing. Surprisingly, boxing is also a big hit among the senior crowd. Especially for those who enjoyed boxing in their younger days, seniors with mobility issues are now rediscovering their love of the sport as well as getting physical benefits as well.
  8. The Price is Right. Fans of The Price is Right will enjoy many favorites from the show including a chance to spin the Big Wheel. Play on your own or with up to 4 people.
  9. Wii Play. With games like table tennis, billiards, and shooting range, seniors can participate in plenty of fun activities.
  10. Wii Hooked!. For fishing fans with a Wii, this game is the way to go. Not only can you play on your own to practice your skills, you can also switch to tournament mode and have friends compete to see who is the best angler.

Let’s Get Physical

These video games require a little more participation than the usual video game and will help keep your body fit.

  1. Dance Dance Revolution. The DDR craze is popular with all ages. Jump on your dance mat and get moving to help keep your body strong and active.
  2. Dancetown. A toned-down DDR, Dancetown includes songs more appropriate for an older crowd. Beat your own dancing score or try competing against friends.
  3. Dancing with the Stars. Based on the TV show, but much more popular, this video game that’s available with a dance pad on Playstation 2 or on Wii.
  4. Winter Sports 2008. Get in the action with 9 different sports and 15 disciplines that will have you moving your body and competing to win–but without the cold.
  5. XaviX Jackie Chan J-Mat Fitness. This workout can be fun and keep you physically fit as this article and this both demonstrate. Fight ninjas, run down, the street, and do it all in the safety of your own home.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Experts know that age has an effect on hand-eye coordination, but these games will help keep you at the top of your game–and may even help keep your driving safe.

  1. Escapa. This is one tough game! Click and hold the red square and avoid getting hit by the blue squares or hitting a wall.
  2. InSight. This game is being offered by Allstate to its customers aged 50 to 75 in Pennsylvania to help reduce driving accidents by building the brain as well as hand-eye the visual processing necessary for safe driving.
  3. Tetris. This game will sharpen both hand-eye coordination and quick, logical thinking. Play this one with the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  4. Super Money Ball. Try one of these mini games from Sega to improve your eye-hand coordination. Keeping that money on the floor can be tricky.
  5. Hit the Dot. From Psychology Games, this game challenges you to click on each of the dots as they appear to see how many you can get in 30 seconds.
  6. The Blue Button Game. Click on the fast-moving blue button to keep playing, but if you click on a red or orange one, the game ends.
  7. Breakout. This classic game requires you to keep the ball in play until it breaks all the blocks at the top. Be sure to use the "Slow down" button if you aren’t already a Breakout professional.

Flying and Driving

Whether you like racing cars or flying planes, these games will provide fun while keeping your skills sharp.

  1. Gran Turismo. This popular driving game has been around for a while and doesn’t look like it’s going to go away soon. For a realistic driving experience, give this game a try.
  2. Nascar 09. Play this driving game on your Xbox 360 and you can get racing tips from Jeff Gordon to enhance your racing abilities.
  3. 5 Miles 2 Go Nascar. Race the last five miles and try to move from second to first place with this free online game.
  4. Game Gecko Racing Games. Play a number of racing games online at this site. If you aren’t sure which to choose, they have some organized by "Most Played" and "Newest."
  5. Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII. This flying game has you flying and fighting in some of the famous WWII battles. Play on your Xbox 360, Playstation, or Wii.
  6. Dogfight 2. Using your arrow and space bar keys, participate in dogfights with this flying game.
  7. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. This flight simulator for your PC has been around for years and has won several awards. Not technically a video game, it does substitute nicely.

Online and Community Games

These online games serve many purposes with benefits including mental acuity and staying connected with others. Play these fun games and keep yourself healthy at the same time.

  1. Scrabble. Play Scrabble online at The Pixie Pit with friends and family, no matter where they live. Play with two to four players and receive email notifications when it’s your turn to play.
  2. Solitaire. This game is easy to come by as it is usually part of most computer packages. If you don’t already have this game, try one of the online versions, which also usually offers several different types of Solitaire.
  3. Guild Wars. Stay connected with others as well as enjoy fantasy role-playing with this game enjoyed by seniors as well as younger players.
  4. Diner Dash. This popular online game has you serving a restaurant full of people. Make sure everyone gets seated, orders, and gets their food without getting angry–it’s no easy task.
  5. Pogo.com. Not only are the games here more gentle than some of the popular fighting and war games, but apparently they are popular with the over 40 crowd.
  6. AARP.org Games. These games include strategy games such as chess, puzzles, card games, and multiplayer games.
  7. Grandparent Games. This site is designed to allow grandparents to connect with their grandchildren through interactive games. The service is free for 7 days, but you will need to pay a small fee to continue.
  8. Games ~ Grandma Faith’s Website. These family-friendly games are fun and just right for both the younger and older set.
  9. MSN Games. MSN believes in making their games fun and easy to play. Popular games at this site include Mozaki Blocks, Mah Jong Tiles, and Bespelled.
  10. Yahoo! Games. Chess, dominos, and pool rule at this popular site among both the older and younger players.
  11. Pop Cap. Play several popular games online or download them for a fee to get even more features. Games here include Bejeweled, Bookworm, and Mah Jong.

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