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Pharmacists must earn a Pharm. D. degree from an accredited college or pharmacy school. To be admitted into one of these programs, applicants must have completed at least two years of postsecondary education. Upon graduation, students must pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam and renew their license every two years. About 62% of licensed pharmacists work in community pharmacies and 23% work in hospitals. 

Pharmacy Technicians may obtain on-the-job training, though employers generally prefer applicants who have some formal education or certification. Formal technician programs require both class and lab work focusing on medical and pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical calculations, recordkeeping, practical techniques, as well as pharmacy law and ethics. About 71% of Pharmacy Technician jobs are in pharmacies, grocery stores, department stores, or mass retailers.

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Everest University Online, a Division of Everest University, makes career training convenient and accessible. With courses tailored for working students and others who need a more flexible class schedule.


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  • Applied Management (Associate's)
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Online Pharmacy Schools and Programs

Online pharmacy school has become a new method to introduce online students to a new option for further study.  Since pharmacy school no longer offers a bachelor degree, the program is a bit more time consuming than normal degrees, although it now allows students to study in online classrooms rather than travel to a commuter school or move across the country to attend classes.

Online pharmacy schools actually involve a higher degree of study since the students need to have the skills necessary to learn on their own through hands-on methods.  Traditional schools allow students to train with a professor in person, but online schools require the student to practice independently, therefore making them less reliant on a superior.  While this may seem to be a challenging undertaking, many disciplines now offer online degree programs and technology has allowed nearly every subject to be taught via the internet through audio and video. 

Most pharmacy students in general have achieved a previous bachelor’s degree or have at least three years of college experience, making them more self-sufficient and responsible with this type of “do-it-yourself” homework.  Additionally, pharmacy students have committed themselves to this particular field, which makes the learning process much easier than if they were simply attaining a first degree to find any type of job. 

Creighton is currently the only entry-level online program that is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education and sets them apart from other online pharmacy schools.  This school additionally offers a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, which is unique to the online community, and is a growing degree within the pharmacy industry in general.  Other schools offer programs for students who are still unsure about a full commitment to pharmacy school and instead enroll in a pharmacy technician program.  This program offers students the opportunity to take a peek into the pharmacy world to determine if this is the path they want to take, without fully committing to a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  Additionally, pharmacy technician certificates give graduates the knowledge and skills necessary to break into the pharmacy world and gain valuable experience. 

The University of Florida offers online programs for students as well, including a non-traditional PharmD program for working pharmacists, allowing them to attain higher degrees while keeping their current pharmacy job.  PCDI and Penn Foster Career School both offer pharmacy technician programs, which appear to be a growing niche within the pharmacy community.  Comparable to medical coding degrees which offer students the opportunity to peek into the medical community, this certificate in turn allows students to peek into the pharmacy community.  Sometimes this is all students need to determine if they want to continue on their pharmacy school course or seek an alternative degree.  Without wasting too much time or money, this popular online degree gives students a chance to view first-hand the benefits of pharmacy school.

Online education is becoming increasingly common throughout the college world as more traditional schools have begun to offer classes online.  Online school is still a wary subject within the educational community, but its students know the work and dedication that goes into earning an online degree, as well as the focus and determination it takes to complete assignments online. 

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